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Artist of the month -

plARTform is pleased to announce our new ARTIST OF THE MONTH selection.
Every month our experts review and nominate one plRTform artist!

2021 March
Emilia Milcheva
Emilia Milcheva
Bulgaria, 1972
plARTform is happy to present the our choice for Painter of the March! Emilia Milcheva. Bulgaria. The paintings of the contemporary artist Emilia Milcheva are fresh, bright and light. Emilia was born and works in sunny Bulgaria, and her canvases, filled with sun, air and the play of chiaroscuro, are a real hymn to nature. Among the artist's works are landscapes, she also enthusiastically paints flower paintings. All her works have a magnificent palette of colors. They bring us the tranquil joy of the author’s world! Emilia Milcheva passion for drawing and fine art started unexpectedly with a dress of her mom - a white tricot dress with purple-red-to pink roses printed on it! She saw the beauty of the whole world captured in that dress! So, Emilia started painting roses and never stopped painting ever since. Years later, nature is still the main source of inspiration for her. Emilia is deeply touched by the organic order and harmony of nature, it leaves her with a feeling of genuine tranquility! The painter’s wish and hope is that her paintings radiate and make the audience feel the same happiness and peace of mind that she experiences while painting the piece - to feel the same warmth, comfort and quietness that she mixes within the layers of paint. In Emilia’s world creating is the most powerful side of human beings but creating alone is not sufficient - there must be people to share with, to make a connection, to build the bridge along the lines of speaker and listener.

2021 January
Sergei Balenok
Sergei Balenok
Belarus, 1954
Sergei Balenok is one the best known Belarusian graphic artists of the 20th century. He is also a book designer and has laid out numerous publications for example Kurt Vonnegut’s “Cat’s Cradle”, the collection of sci-fi stories “Planet For Sale”, several collections of Joseph Brodsky’s poetry, and many others. Arts critics consider him an “atypical” or even “scandalous” artist and praise a very distinctive lyricism of his works. Every detail in each picture by Sergei Balenok is deliberate, and each image concentrates on conveying the artist's vast range of personal experiences. The works of Sergei Balenok feature ghostly depopulated cities, dramatic moments depicting mysterious figures in flight, and the forms of shadows without the objects that cast them. The shadow is the protagonist of the artist's etchings which takes completely amazing outline. A usual cap seems like an ancient cylinder hat, while the face is hiding behind the long collar of a winter coat. The magic of the night light turns falling snow into flying gold dust and streets into a sanctuary for bizarre creatures who wander along the wet and cold sleeping city in loneliness. In a mysterious manner every “philosophical picture”, as the artist refers to his works, becomes an illustration to the life of our Hidden – something one avoids, makes an effort not to see, yet it is so vivid in the light of a streetlight at night and so palpable to the sound of dark ambient and sad tango.