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Artist of the month -

plARTform is pleased to announce our new ARTIST OF THE MONTH selection.
Every month our experts review and nominate one plRTform artist!

2022 June
Igor Navrotskyi
Igor Navrotskyi
Slovakia, 1971
At the start of summer we are pleased to present the talented artist Igor Navrotskyi, who got the highest scores from the jury and receives the "Artist of the Month" nomination. Born in 1971 in Kiev (Ukraine), Igor studied at the Painting school of the Union of Artists of Ukraine and then continued his creative activity in Slovakia where he has settled some 10 year ago. He paints his works in a studio located in the picturesque region of Slovakia and in Vienna. An honorary member of the Union of Artists of Slovakia, Igor Navrotskyi made numerous personal exhibitions in Slovakia, Austria and Germany. In his pictorial essays, Igor opens the world of human emotions and experiences. His works are born at the crossroad of inspiration, creative experience and observation. In the midst of them Igor tries to convey subtle vibrations of emotions and sensations - a gallery of female portraits that aim at revealing female psychology through visual art. According to the artist himself, painting is at the same time an unity of opposites but also the search for a balance between them. Logical and emotional, sadness and joy, shadow and light, strength and fragility. Besides plARTform, you find the artist's works in private and public collections in the USA, Austria, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Canada, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, England, and Spain. plARTform sincerely congratulates Igor on yet another achievement in his creative work and wishes him the same inexhaustible inspiration!

2022 April
Vassil Vassilev-Zouek
Vassil Vassilev-Zouek
Bulgaria, 1965
Tell any Bulgarian the name Vasil Vasilev and the reaction will be blank – in Bulgaria it’s a name/surname as popular and trivial as Ivan Ivanov. Tell them “Zueka” and their faces immediately lighten up and smile – Vasil Vasilev-Zueka is one of the most famous Bulgarian comedians, a multifaceted person that acts in films, plays in the theater, works as a TV host and producer. But wait! There is one much less known part of his talent – Vasil is a genuinely gifted painter! And it is him that the plARTform jury nominates to be the "artist of the month"! Much less known to the public, Vasil Vasilev - Zueka has been painting since early childhood. His paintings seem to be kind of inner reflections on events and situations that massively overwhelm our human consciousness. When looking upon each of Vassil’s paintings, the viewer is instantly consumed by the powerful story captured in a single moment. Fascinated by the heritage of last century artists such as Picasso, Modigliani, Dali and many others, Vasil perhaps keeps in his mind a set of images, symbols and colors that come together to deliver a powerful message. His style is clearly recognizable, the figures being often deformed and elongated, the characters in the paintings being fictional and often somewhat naive. Vasil Vasilev-Zueka paintings are like idealistic yet powerful appeals to our humanity – strange yet full of empathy! Vassil had several solo exhibitions with many of his works ending up in private collections. plARTform sincerely congratulates Vasil Vasilev - Zueka with the nomination and wishes him the same fascinatingly creative results that miraculously awaken the best in us!

2021 December
Krassimir Kolev
Krassimir Kolev
Austria, 1969
It is plARTform’s delight to present our choice for Artist of December 2021 - Krassimir Kolev from Austria Born in Bulgaria, avant-garde artist Krassimir Kolev moved abroad to study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna graduating as a Master of Fine Arts. The artist is living and working permanently in Austria since 2012. Krassimir works with painting, sculpture, photography and "new media art", but his greatest fascination is undoubtedly the human being. In his own words, any person has an own and unique appeal. In this way, a human body becomes a canvas on which the human soul paints its own stories. Krassimir sees his role as an artist to observe, discover and interpret such stories. He moves smoothly between figurative expressionism and abstract expressionism and composes intriguing works marked by unexpected elements, strong shapes and a rich color palette. The master in his painting technique works in two directions - oil paintings with a volumetric visual effect and oil with watercolors. Krassimir Kolev has taken part in numerous public projects and has exhibited his works of art in different countries such as Denmark, Germany, Austria, Norway, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, USA, Sweden among others where his works have received numerous awards. plARTform full heartedly congratulates Krassimir with yet another landmark recognition! We are proud and happy to see his own plARTform gallery and wish Krassimir Kolev great success, at plARTform and beyond!

2021 Octobre
Marcus Sherman
Marcus Sherman
Russia, 1980
plARTform is happy to present our choice for Artist of October 2021! This time our jury has picked Marcus Sherman from Russia! Marcus Sherman is passionate about abstract art, giving viewers maximum freedom to create their own impressions. According to the artist, it is not possible to translate visual language into one of words. Thus, a visual image presents self-sufficient language for communicating with the viewer – one that does not require textual accompaniment and/or verbal decoding. Variability, versatility, understatement and depth are integral features of this language. The artist not only does not impose his point of view but also does not aim for the viewer to draw specific conclusions. Instead the idea is to invite the viewer to work together with the artist. Marcus works with a variety of painting and graphic materials and techniques. In most of his works, he uses a complex synthesis of oil glazes, collages and variety of own unique techniques. Before creating any work, Marcus collects a large amount of material, creates several sketches in different techniques and only then chooses his own perception of the best. This way, on average the artist works on one piece between 2 and 4 months trying to reach artistic perfection. At the moment, Marcus works with subconstructivism - a modern representation of constructivism, denounced to the aesthetic form of the presentation of constructive spatial geometric forms. plARTform collection is honored to feature Marcus Sherman’s works and happy to congratulate him with the nomination!


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